Welcome to Firestorm Studio!

Firestorm Studio was founded by Shaun Dare, Lisa Le and Chris Laffin
late in 2014, towards the end of our Bachelors Degree at JMC Academy.

We are Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Collectively driven by a passion
to create an immersive light hearted gaming experience,
we’d like to invite you to join us on that journey!

Below are our current major projects;
Cookie Defender(mobile app) and Sweet Tooth(card game).

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Shaun Dare - Founder, PR, Generalist
3D Modeler, 3D Animator. Taking control of 3D creation shaping the memorable silhouettes and wireframes within our worlds. Spreading the word, Shaun works tirelessly to help share the experience we envision here at Firestorm Studio.
Chris Laffin - Founder, Programmer, Games Designer
Programmer, Level Design. The life of a programmer involves late nights, pizza and plenty of hair loss. Chris brings life to our games through hard work and dedication. Chris is also a Certified Unity Developer.
Lisa Le - Founder, Artist, Time wizard
2D Concept Artist, 2D Textures, Graphic Designer. Every game needs a little bit of colour to bring out its personality, Lisa makes sure this is the case by completing tasks like a time wizard, concepting and creating the lifeblood on screen for our games.

Cookie Defender – iOS/Android
Cookie Defender is a free to play mobile arcade game where you your goal is to keep away those pesky insects! Stop them from taking every last piece of grandmas freshly baked cookies! Play through multiple game modes for high scores, unlock new skins, areas, cookies and earn achievements to show off to your friends on social media!
Release date TBA
Sweet Tooth – table top card game
In Sweet Tooth you and your soon to be former friends enter the new lolly store in town after winning the full on craving competition and have one day to eat as many lollies as you can grab in store (whatever means necessary) robbing each others stash or getting forced onto a diet. Enjoy this light hearted game that will have you coming back for more. The winning has the highest score when the lolly shop closes!
Release date TBA

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